Student loan program

Gifted young women and men receive a scholarship for their education or vocational training. A committee, of former scholarship holders and the Nun Verena, awards the scholarships. The ones that have completed their schooling or training and found a paying job; pay back part of their funding. This way they can support others.

Since the start of the Fund to this current day about 400 young people have been given the opportunity to complete a vocational training or receive an academic title.

The alcaldía (the mayor’s office) has been supporting the fund since 2008 with a fund sum of approximately 4.000, – US $. The grant depends on the number of applicants.

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  1. Die Betroffenen können hier wirklich von Glück sprechen, wenn sie ein Stipendium erhalten. Vielen bleibt eine Chance auf ein Studium leider aus kostengründen verwährt.