Our goals:

The Mission Circle Ayopaya (Missionskreis Ayopaya) was founded in 1968 by Manfred Rauh, then Chaplain in the German city of Fürth, in order to promote spiritual welfare and economic development among the population of the province of Ayopaya. Thirty years ago a team of missionaries from the archbishopric of Bamberg went to this remote region in the highlands of the Bolivian Andes:

The start team in Ayopaya

Manfred Rauh, the two nurses Christiane Assmann and Anna Schaller, nursery-school teacher Verena Birnbacher and technician Heribert Allwang. This line-up shows what the aim of the work in Bolivia was from the outset: to care both for the people’s souls and bodies. This proved to be necessary. For Ayopaya may have a charming landscape. But its inhabitants live on agriculture and natural resources, and the province is one of the least developed regions of Bolivia, which is an extremely poor country anyway

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