Der Missionskreis

Padre Manfredo Rauh (+) founded the Mission Group Ayopaya in 1968, together with some friends. They had attended the seminary together and then worked as chaplains in various parishes of the Archdioceses of Bamberg. Furthermore the group was supported by old friends from the Catholic Youth in Nuremberg. Common to all was the impulse of the Second Vatican Council : “the Church must set out and break new grounds. The German Church must also take responsibility for the young Churches on the other continents”.

On three pillars rests the work of the mission cirlcle:

Interest – Prayer – Financial support of Work.

With many creative actions and call ups, the people were initially addressed in the Archdioceses of Bamberg. Soon a number of friends and supporters grew outside of the Archdiocese of Bamberg. Every move of a friend, every new employee in Independencia or Cochabamba brought back new people who were commited to the people of Ayopaya and Bolivia.

These supporters and friends have drawn their circles and today we can send our Information to nearly 4,000 adresses.


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  1. Es bueno saber que existen organizaciones como la de ustedes que ayudan a mi pueblo “mil Gracias”