Development up to today

1965/66 Pater Karl Sommer from Berchtesgaden, consecrated in Cochabamba/Bolivia, becomes a Preacher in Independencia. He builds the `Sede´, the rectory with some rooms for social work. He sends a call for help to his college friend Manfred Rauh.

1968 Manfred Rauh founds the `Missionskreis Ayopaya e.V´ with friends from the catholic youth and priest seminary. Their goal is to support the spiritual welfare in the province Ayopaya in Bolivia.

Chaplain Manfred Rauh, Caritas Nuns Christiane Assmann, Verena Birnbacher and Anna Schaller and the Technician Heribert Allwang are sent out to Bolivia on the 17 of March 1968, by Archbishop Dr. Joseph Schneider from the Castle Feuerstein. They start their work in Independencia/ Ayopaya July 1968.

In the following years the boarding school St. Martín de Porres for boys, a house for further education for grownups and the boarding school St. Elisabet was established.

1979 the first Kindergarten `St. Francisco de Asís´ is opened in Independencia.

A scholarship program is established to help the region. Its main goal is to educate “qualified Professionals from Ayopaya for Ayopaya”.  Over 300 Doctors, Teachers, Seamstresses, Engineers and Technicians have come forth for the area.

In 1983 P. Manfredo moves to Cochabamba and helps set up CADECA, the educational centre for rural catechists of the archbishopric of Cochabamba. He takes over the direction of this facility.

The Nun Verena Birnbacher stays in Independencia. She is the only German left there. She has been the head of Centro Social San Bonifacio since then.

1987 the Kindergarten is moved and extended, to better compensate the rising numbers of young children. An area for the schoolchildren and adolescents is established right next door for afternoon activities.

1992-2002 The Rural Areas are supported by newly established schoolrooms, living areas for the teachers, and small medical centers.

1996 a small boarding school, Casa Raimundo Herman, was added to CADECA/Cochabamba. This facility gave young men a chance to catch up with their school education (for example those who left school without a degree) and earn an academic title. Padre Manfredo hands over the direction of CADECA/Cochabamba to the Bolivians.

2007 CADECA/Cochabamba is extended by a new wing, giving room for courses and conferences.

2008 `40th Anniversary Missionskreis Ayopaya´ was celebrated in Nuremberg and Independencia.

2010 26th of August, the Nun Christiane Assmann passes away. She was a Medical Nurse at the Centro Social during the beginning.

2011 Padre Manfred Rauh died on the 14th of June. He was the founder of the Missionskreis Ayopaya. On the 15th of June the Mayor of Independencia announces Padre Manfred Rauh Honorary Citizen of Independencia.

2012 The community of Independencia announces Nun Verena Birnbacher Honorary Citizen and Mother of the Village.

In February 2012 The building Casa Raimundo Herman is no longer used for the education of young men. The Students from the project Casa Raimundo Herman move to the local Seminar San Luis under the lead of Crispín Borda, a former Student of Casa Raimundo Herman. This project is funded under the name Casa Raimundo Herman.

2014 Nun Verena Birnbacher celebrated her 60th Anniversary as a Nun of the Caritas Congregation.

2015 Padre Crispín Borda died on the 14th of October.

On the 3rd of April Nun Anna Schaller passed away, she was Part of the first Team of Development helpers at the Centro Social.

2016 Padre Sergio Gamberoni took over the Project formerly lead by the recently passed Padre Crispín Borda.

In July 2016 the Congregation `Hermanas Franciscanas Misioneras Rurales´ take over the administration of the `Centro Social San Bonifacio´. The new Director is Hermana Juana Flores Maldonado.

2018 the funding of the Project Casa Raimundo Herman ends.

In March 2018 `50th Anniversary of the Missionskreis Ayopaya e.V, ´ is celebrated with in Nuremberg and festivities in Independcia and Cochabamba in August.

2019 The Handcrafting Project „Bordados“ in Cochabamba finds an end. This Project helped Women to support their Families. Now they have more options and the Project is no longer needed.

2020 In the month of March the Corona-Virus takes the world hostage. The Volunteers have to end their year in Bolivia earlier and return to Germany.

2021 Heribert Allwang, Member of the first Team of Helpers, passes away on the 30th of April. He helped put up the Centro Socail.

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  1. Señores de la Fundacion Missionskreis Ayopaya : Gracias por contribuir a la formacion educacion de nuevos cristianos y tanbien al desarrollo de mi pais y por ayudarme en mi formacion . Sigan con las mismas fuersas y con mismo animo de siempre. un abrazo atte Freddy Lopez Velarde