CADECA – Left Wing (Picture)

In 30 years Pastoral work in the approximate 60 Villages of the Parish of Independencia one thing became very clear:

The Christian belief could not only be spread by a few Priest or other employees of the pastoral. It could only become alive when people from the villages could announce the word of god. So they went out to find Catechist: Men, ready to take care of their own belief and stand before their community to pray and sing and to give church services. But Catechist are not just Men to take care of the soul.

According to the holistic concept of spiritual welfare the Catechist of Independencia were always well educated in Agriculture and cattle breeding, History and Politics, and in basic knowledge of health service. So that Catechist can be leading Personalities in their Villages.

This concept was the Basis for CADECA; Padre Manfredo Rauh (Deceased 2011) received the assignment from the Archbishop of Cochabamba in 1983, to build a center for the land pastorals of the archdiocese.

Bit by bit a house was built at kilometer 11 on the road between Cochabamba and Quillacoll. The very simple but functional Centre for Men and later more and more for the Women from the Landpastoral was established.

During the Years the courses were developed in many plains from basic introduction into the catholic belief to more established land pastoral. By 1989 the Distance Learning CEATHA – Centro Educativo Técninco Humanístoca Agropecuario – was offered making it possible to get a degree. In 2014 this becomes known as CEA – Centro de Educación Alternativ. After that it is possible to continue studies with the ESTEPA – Estudios TEologicos PAstorales.

1996 Padre Manfredo Rauh released to lead of CADECA to Padre Rodolfo Ramirez, a diocesan priest from Cochabamba. On the 01.01.2000 Pedro Alvarez took over CADECA and now is the `Director administaivo y academico´.


CADECA – Right Wing (Picture)

2010: 25 Years ago Padre Manfredo built the Center for the catechist of the Archdiocese of Cochabamba. It’s been well worth it. Today CADECA is a renowned institution, not only for Cochabamba but for the all of Bolivia.

The Building has been well renovated, so it could be proudly presented on the day of the celebration, the 21st of August 2010.

2015: CADECA is proud for 30 years of hard work that has been very successful.

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  1. Ich bin in dieser Woche mit meiner Frau in Cochabamba und möchte mehr über CADECA erfahren da mein Freund Gerhard Henkel seit Jahren für ihre Institution spendet und er mich bat bei ihnen nachzuschauen.
    Könne sie mir eine Telefonnummer senden damit wir einen Termin vereinbaren oder kann ich beliebig vorbeikommen?
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen
    Michael Hamann