Centro Social San Bonifacio

The Social Centre San Bonifacio of Independencia consists of many branches:

There are two Boarding schools Casa San Martin de Porres for Boys and Casa Santa Elisabet for Girls. The Boys boarding school currently has about 25 Students attending fourth thru sixth grade. The Girls Boarding School currently has 82 Students attending all classes with options of finishing high school and qualifying for the colegio or a vocational school. The Children come from rural areas where schools are rare and usually only offer the compulsory 5 years of schooling. It is usually impossible or only under very difficult circumstances possible to attend schools in those areas, let alone attend a school higher than 5th grad or a colegio.

Then there is the Building Papa Juan XXIII, which offers support classes mainly for women.

The Social Centre supports general Welfare/Social work as well. For example giving poor widows with no relatives left and women left alone with young children a very small periodical financial support.

In Independencia the Kindergarten offers many Children additional education to their Parental homes. Right next door is the Puerta Abierta, the House of the open door; it offers afternoon activities and homework support for the school children and juveniles of the area.

The work in Independencia was solely guided by Nun Verena Birnbacher till July of 2016. After that the Congregation of the Hermanas Franciscanas Misioneras Ruales took over. The new Director is Hermana Juana Flores Maldonado. Nun Verena Birnbacher is still there and part of the Team.